Somebody’s watching me!?

A few days ago, I spotted a Google Street View vehicle cruising around the neighborhood. This technology allows for the 360 degree panoramic images we see when using Google Maps and/or Google Earth. Rather than using a wadded up and mis-creased paper map to find our way, now we can enjoy voice guided drives to destinations unknown with full color visual cues and prompts. Heck, why go at all? We can simply sit on our couches and visit. I jest, a bit.

I love technology nearly as much as Kip in Napoleon Dynamite, but when I saw this crazy little camera laden vehicle pass by, I felt a hint of the paranoia expressed by Rockwell in his hit Somebody’s Watching Me. Privacy is truly a distant memory for most of us. We are all being watched.

On that note, I gotta go hit the shower, but I will wash my hair….because I’m not yet afraid that, when I open my eyes, someone will be standing there. Well, my dog might be, but she’s a bit of a peeker. Here’s a cool article on the song:


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