What is your fight song?

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you’ve been chosen to receive an award. Any award that would require you to walk from the back to the front of a large room, filled with people. You don’t have to give a speech, but you do have to choose a song to be played as you are making your way to the stage to celebrate your triumph. This moment is something you’ve worked hard to achieve; you are honored and humbly proud of your accomplishment. 

What song would you pick to be playing in the background? Your theme song…your pump-up jam…your victory march? Your fight song? The choices are abundant! 

This feels impossible so I’m just gonna toss one out there….


…Or is that song the opposite or triumph? Is there anything hopeful at all about it? Is today the greatest….or is it said in jest? I think the singer is just celebrating making it through one more day, not necessarily a victory. So let me try again….

Smells Like Teen Spirit

…well darn that one has a bit of darkness too, but it sure blood pumping…hmmm….

Hero of the Day

…hmm…I must be feeling serious today. Let me go eat some ice cream and blow bubbles, and see if I can get a bit more breezy upstairs. 🤗so many options, not enough blog space. 

Chime in everyone.  ðŸŽ¶ 🥇 

Yes!!! The Killers. The Man!!


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